Should I just quit??

I dont know if I should do this anymore.

I started writing because it helped centre my thoughts, it was good therapy. But now I’m lost with it all. I’ve lost my capacity to write anything worth reading and I’m becoming disappointed with myself on an almost daily basis.

My family dont support my writing because it’s often about them, warts and all and they dont like it even though I keep all names out of my work. I can understand why they wouldnt want to be spoken about but surely they understand my need to be able to speak to someone about it all and just let me be. It’s not like any of them even follow my work anyways.

Should I just quit? Or should I battle it out and hope for better days to come? I dont know anymore but I do know I love writing.

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  1. It can be a lonely journey sometimes and I feel your pain. Bookshelves are full of creators who never quit and not the other way round. Take a break, remove yourself from all things writing for a while. Time can not only heal but the process also creates good ideas.

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