Written in response to #Tale Weaver. 26/9/19.

‘What happiness is to one, Hell is to another.’

As an old friend of mine used to say, and he was right!

No two peoples idea of happiness will ever be identical and in some cases may even be polar opposites. I think for most of us though, the basic parameters are the same. Maslow, a psychologist in the 1940’s created a triangle of needs to show this.

He summised that we all need five basic categories, or levels in the triangle, in order to become the truest version of ourselves we can be, to be our happiest and reach self actualisation; and that we had to complete each triangle in order to grow and complete the next.

For most people the first column is usually self filling but after that everything has to be found oneself or given to us by others; none of it comes easily. I often think about this triangle of needs and wonder if i will ever be able to fulfill every step? I know I can fill some from each category but do I need to fulfill them all to be happy? Do any of us?

Do we all need people in our lives in order to be complete? A hermit wouldn’t agree! Do we all need to be a hundred percent healthy in order to be happy? A lame person might not agree. I think that whilst Maslow was onto something with his five categories, he didn’t have it quite right as I refuse to believe that anyone who doesn’t fill each section perfectly cant reach self actualisation. I refuse to believe that I cant ever be happy.

My interpretation of the triangle of needs would be that as long as you have the basics covered such as air, food, water, sleep, basic human functions, shelter and clothing, then all the rest are a matter of personal choice. Only the person themselves knows if they are truly happy and content with their life and if they are not then they will keep searching until they find the thing that is missing; as is human nature.

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