Dear Diary.

I think I’ve finally found the right time to take my medication! Yay!

Contrary to all the advice I was given about them causing insomnia if taken later in the day, I’m taking them right before bed and I’m sleeping kinda OK; for me. Just goes to show that the recommendations aren’t always right and you should listen to your body, not always the doctors.

Todays continuing mission is to try and make sense of economics and price theory. No one told me when I signed up for this course that there was a maths element to it. I wouldn’t have done it if Id have known. haha.

One of the downsides of my condition is that I don’t make or keep friends very well and so Im stuck studying alone with no one to bounce ideas off of or ask questions. The rest of my group at uni have all teamed up and Billy-No-Mates here is left to do it all alone.

No one but myself to blame for that im sure but it sure would be nice to have a study buddy for a change.

Ah well. Best get on with it.


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