Dear Diary

The Bears and I have had our annual eye test this week and all three of us now need to wear glasses full time. BB3 has his already but little miss has to attend the eye hospital first due to her young age but will likely be getting her glasses within the next few months.

Suddenly we have gone from only me wearing glasses for reading to all three of us having to wear them all the time, but oh my word doesn’t he look cute in them; so grown up and proud.

Today is the start of my medication shift to the later teatime slot and also my first full day back at uni; guess who’s going to be absolutely shattered this evening?!? I’m really hoping I can manage to stay awake until a reasonable time tonight as I really miss spending time with Bear on an evening.

Having a relationship with someone who is always asleep on you must be really hard work for him and soul destroying at times. I know he worries about me and I know this lack of communication and affection is really getting to the both of us lately. I feel like Im nothing but a burden to him at the moment and I hate that things are like that.

If the medication change doesn’t work this week I think Ill stop taking the antidepressant for a week and see if that helps. God knows I cant keep going on like this forever.


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