Dear Diary.

I took my medication a little earlier and guess what… By nine o’clock I was snoring again! It seems to be that I can’t take the damned things before lunch if I hope to be able to stay awake in an evening. One o’clock seems to be the cut off hour! I’ve got to get these right and soon or i’ll be falling asleep in lectures or worse… driving home from uni!

It seems like the comedown from them is what is causing me issues. I get around six to ten hours from the point of taking before reverse insomnia kicks in and i’m falling asleep where i stand. There has to be some logical reasoning for this that I just cant figure out and neither can the guy prescribing my medications. Its all a bit hopeless in all honesty.

I wish I were like normal people, you know the ones… They sleep in in a morning and stay up late at night. They have a life. I have to deal with waking up at five o’clock and falling asleep at the same time as my five year old does.

I’m starting to sound like a broken record and it sucks.


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