Is it?

How often can we say that we love truly and wholly, without letting anything else get in the way?

This has always been my favorite bible verse because of the quandary the passage creates. Yes love is all of those things but at the same time it isn’t; human nature gets in the way.

As a race we are hardwired to envy, boast and be proud of our achievements, its part of our in built drive to do better and be more. So how can we possibly love all the time? What is the balance between the two?

The questions have always intrigued me.

Partners argue and fight, fall out sometimes and lose trust in their significant other but this doesn’t mean they don’t love each other, does it? I have found that arguments are often born out of just that… Love.

Love breeds jealousy and envy and proudness, a contradiction to the verse itself and I have often wondered what kind of love the verse means. Platonic love or romantic love would never adhere to these principles, not all of the time; it simply couldn’t due to the human element and so I have always thought of the passage as a guideline to aim for rather than an actuality that can be achieved.

Perhaps I’m wrong and have interpreted it badly. God knows I’m not a devout christian by any means and have never read the bible in any great depth, that’s for sure but nobodies perfect; so they say.

Love is patient, love is kind, it does not sustain envy and does not maliciously boast. It is appropriately proud and does not attempt to dishonor others. Love does not seek only to raise itself but others also, love is forgiving of wrongs and keeps no record. Love does not delight in being mean but is happiest when being truthful. Love always tries to protect, always tries to trust, always tries to keep hope and endure. Love only falters, never fails.

LC. 20/9/19

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