Dear Diary.

Well I managed to stay awake again last night! I really do hope that the simple time change in my medication has solved the issues I was having and this isn’t just a fluke.

Its been nice seeing Bear again on an evening but it has highlighted to me just how down he is at the moment; something I’d not noticed seeing as I was asleep all the time!

I know hes having a hard time dealing with some stuff I have no control over but I cant help feeling that I’m a big cause of his low mood too and I know he worries about my medication; probably more than I do. I just wish I could make it all better for him so he didn’t have to worry all the time and look so down.

Today my mission is to try and find something that will make Bear smile; among another hundred or so things I need to get done. Can sure tell Uni has started again. haha.


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