Dear Diary.

Well… I took my medication at one o’clock in the afternoon yesterday and managed to spend a whole evening talking with Bear! I was tired but not to the level of narcolepsy that I have been of late and I managed to stay up till eleven. Yay!

Not that that has done me any favours mind you. I start back at Uni today with an early-ish lecture followed by appointments, so I’m going to be run off my feet all day and tired cos I didn’t get as much sleep as I’m used to. Lol.

Its a good job I can record my lectures and play back when needed or I would never be able to take all the information in I needed to.

I’m really nervous and excited about starting back today. I’m so ready for some mental stimulation that I would happily write a five thousand word essay right now! And I hate essays! The summer break from uni is far too long. Five months is a silly length for any break from anything when that time could be better spent studying but hey ho, who am I to decide the organisational structure of the academic year?

The sun is just starting to peak through the blackness here which means I had best get myself organised and ready for the little ones in a short while. Momma Bear duties call.


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