Dear Diary.

Guess who fell asleep at seven again last night?!

I’m beginning to think I may never get this medication right and they may have to change me to something else. That’s the last thing I want because besides the sleepiness issue Aripiprazole has been a wonder drug for me.

I felt really bad last night because bear had to sit on his own all evening. He had received bad news yesterday and was so down. I had planned to talk to him about it after tea but instead I fell asleep. I’m such a useless girlfriend at the moment, I cant even manage to be a supportive listener for him.

I worry that he has no support at the moment, he has become the linchpin that is holding me together but who is now holding him?

I hope Bear knows how much I value and love him and I hope he knows that I am trying my best to solve the situation as fast as possible.

Mental Health Sucks!


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  1. I was on meds like that. Once taken I was out cold and it was nearly impossible to wake me up. I was on for six months and ended up going off. Last year they tried again with a smaller dose (I had been taking 20mg and they cut it down to 3mg and I was to break in half. Took it for two days and that was it. Same issues regardless of mg. I really hope that they can figure out dosage. What about if you took later in the evening? šŸ™‚

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