Dear Diary.

Well Its D-Day for the medication review!

They had better sort out this mess they have me in or I’m going on strike and refusing to medicate; this has gone too far now.

Yesterday we had Bears youngest lad over for Sunday dinner and guess who fell asleep by seven o’clock? Yup, that would be me!

As soon as I got the kids into bed I was apparently in bed myself, not that I can remember any of it mind; think my brain went to sleep sometime before all that because I’ve lost track of most of the evening.

I’m so embarrassed that I fall asleep all the time, especially in company but the stark reality of it is that if this carries on into the coming weeks I have classes starting again soon and some are evening lectures. not only could I fall asleep in them, what about the drive home? that should be right about the time I’m normally nodding off! I’m actually scared I could kill someone or myself.

My plan is to ask them to change the times that Im taking the tablets in the hope that this will shift my sleepiest times along to later in the evening; thus stopping me falling asleep at stupid times. Hopefully.

I wish I knew anyone who had gone through this before, I need decent advice.


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