Yesterday I stood at a crossroads. A crossroads between the past and the future and between peace and drama.

Yesterday I made a choice!

I chose to walk away from two of the most important people in my life because of the drama and heartache that follows everywhere they go. And I did it willingly and gladly.

If I had not made this decision to walk away and end all contact, if I continued to fight my corner and bang my drum in an attempt to be heard I lay myself out for an emotional and brutal future; one that will destroy me over time and so I choose to walk away.

Anyone who’s ever been in the position of having to chose their own well being over a really important relationship will know that this is soul destroying but, I vow not to let it get me down, I vow to not let it affect the little bears too much and I vow to not let it break me.

Today I feel empowered by my own strength of will. I never thought I would have the courage to stand up for myself, be honest about the situation and make a choice based on the greater good, not just how I feel; but I’ve done it. I’ve made a choice and for once in my life I’m convinced its the right one.


You pushed me to a crossroads
And promptly left me there
You didn’t even think
You didn’t even care
You pushed me passed my limit
And attacked me all the same
And lay it all at my feet
As you play your merry game
Now I am done and dusted
Utterly, thoroughly through.
I don’t seek revenge or naught
I’m just so done with you.

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