Dear Diary.

I have developed an odd problem…

Whenever I sneeze, Im sick!

The build up to a sneeze and the sneeze itself now make me gag and gip, often throwing up after sneezing. This has been going on for a few months now and I cant work it out but dear God! Its not like I need anything else wrong with me really, is it?

Does anyone else have this happen to them?

On the plus side, I actually had a full nights sleep last night (as full as it gets for me anyhow) I didn’t wake every hour and I don’t feel like I’ve been wrung out this morning for a change. I actually feel fairly OK. Yay!

I’m hoping all of the headaches and sickness I’ve had of late are down to my meds or the fact I now need glasses all the time and don’t have them yet. These things are easy enough to fix but if its something new, I swear Ill implode. I just cant take anything else wrong with me.

I must remember to email the doctor today and ask him about the sneezing. Maybe if I can work out why its happening then ill stop worrying about it. Haha.


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