Written in response to #FOWC. 12/9/19.


Elizabeth was aloof to say the least. Choosing her own company over that of anyone else’s. She had been this way since she was very young, never making friends in playgroup or school and preferring solitary games and activities wherever possible.

It wasn’t that Elizabeth didn’t want friends, she wanted friends very much, but people tended not to want to be around her and so over the years she learned to be most comfortable alone.

You see, Elizabeth was a half breed. A Halfie as the villagers had come to call her. Her human mother forced upon by a dark elf, resulting in her birth. She had only been allowed to live by the insistence of her mother and the backing of her family’s status and wealth. The villagers had wanted her slain.

It was a lonely life for Elizabeth but one she had come to accept over the years. The villagers never aspired to anything outside of their little world and so Elizabeth was trapped within its confines, an outsider stuck within a community that despised her.

This did have its advantages in that she was largely ignored by those around her and this had meant that she could pretty much go where she liked and do what she wanted growing up. This had given her a great sense of adventure but along with it came the will to wander, and with this came the endless boredom of being trapped; bound to her life in the village.

She had travelled as far as she dare around the village boundaries, always mindful of the need to be home in time for tea or mother would be mad, always bound to be the good little girl; seen and not heard. Elizabeth was bored of it all and very much ready to become an adult so she could make her own choices.

Elizabeth’s eighteenth birthday was fast approaching, she knew exactly what she wanted for her birthday and exactly what she would do with the gift. She wanted a horse and with that horse would come her ticket out of here and off to explore the world.

Elizabeth had decided that enough was enough, it was high time she got out there and discovered life outside of her little corner. She had decided that she was done being the freak of the place and vowed to find others like herself. She was leaving and no one could stop her.

The day of her birthday came and as she had requested, she was presented with a steed becoming of a lady of her family’s status. He was a fine black stallion with flowing white mane, quite striking to see in his full saddle and gear and Elizabeth was ecstatic at her mother’s choice.

A pang of guilt ran through her as she turned to her mother and explained her plan. As Elizabeth finished her tale her mother cried and held her girl tightly; the first time in Elizabeth’s memory that this had happened, and she knew in that moment that her mother really did love her. She held her closer as tears ran down her face and the pair sobbed quietly for a moment.

The women said their goodbyes and as Elizabeth mounted Shadow, she couldn’t help but smile at the thought of the adventures she was going to have out there in the world. She wished now that her mother would come with her but like the rest of the villager, she had no desire to leave and Elizabeth had no desire to stay. The pair must part, however sad that would be.

Elizabeth turned Shadow and headed out of the stable block at a slow walk, attracting the attention of all whom she passed as the villagers congregated along the road out of town. They marvelled at the horse she rode, and Elizabeth could hear snippets of whispers as she rode by, questioning what she was doing and where she was going.

Elizabeth didn’t care. She sat high in the saddle and let the horse find his own pace as he plodded along quite happily to the village boundary. Elizabeth turned one final time to look back along the road she had come, her mother waving in the distance.

Her heart was pulled once more as, with the sun beating down on her skin, she kicked Shadow int a trot and left. Her adventures just beginning.

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