Bravery wins.

Written in response to #YDWP, #WotD & #Tale Weaver

Bravery wins.

Sarra could feel all eyes on her as she walked down the beach to the sea.

She had never been this brave before, normally opting to remain covered so no one could see her scars but not this time. This time she had a reason to be brave and she didn’t care who saw.

Out in the waves Adam casually swam lengths between the buoys, keeping an eye on the swimmers in his section. Adam had been a lifeguard for two summers now and was classed as a veteran amongst his peers; ever ready to save a life at a moment notice. He was the one all the girls wanted but he only had eyes for one.

As Sarra reached the shoreline their eyes met, and a broad smile appeared on Adams face. He had never seen Sarra wear anything so revealing before; not even shorts or a skirt and to see her now, standing there in the full midday sun; she was exceptional.

Adam was so enthralled by the way Sarra looked in her tiny two piece that he didn’t notice the wave baring down on him until it was too late, and he was swept under by the force of it. Luckily for him that he was carrying his life aid which he grabbed to keep him from going under completely.

Sarra saw the wave but couldn’t make Adam see in time and as she waded into the cool waters Adam disappeared beneath the waves. In a panic she froze, unsure what to do.

A few seconds later a coughing and spluttering Adam washed up right at the feet of Sarra who couldn’t help but laugh with relief at the sight of her sea-soaked beau. As she bent down to offer him a hand, he pulled her into the waves with a giggle as he kissed her deeply.

The crowd cheered in response and pulled a very embarrassed pair from their spicy embrace as Adam scooped up Sarra and carried her back to his hut.

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