Dear diary

Slept like a baby… I Woke up every few hours!

This has got to change and fast as I cant keep going on like this. Sleep is the most important thing for me with my depression, if I don’t get good sleep I get hit by the most awful waves of depression the day after and this has been going on for months now; I cant take much more of it!

Roll on Monday and the medication review appointment with the mental health services. I’m hoping that they will at least sanction a time change in the tablets. move them about so that whatever is making me fall asleep by eight o’clock is taken later in the day.

I’d rather go back to having insomnia at the moment; at least I’d have time to get stuff done and see Bear.

Why does everything have to be such a slow process with mental health services. You would think, in the current crisis, that they would be very keen to pour money into the services and fix whats broken but the opposite seems to be happening; at least in our area. The service is becoming more and more stretched and appointments and therapies are getting harder to procure.

I do have the first of many physio appointments today though, I can be thankful to the NHS for that at least. I’m going to have a Tens Machine fitted to see if that helps my pain levels. I’m not holding out much hope on this one as I’ve tried them before and had no benefit. Maybe this time will be different; who knows?

Best get on with stuff really or the kids will be late for school.


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