Written in response to #YDWP & #FOWC. 10/9/19

So today is smear test (pap smear) day! I did say it was TMI!

I don’t think any man can ever appreciate the things us ladies have to go through in our lifetimes. As if child birth isn’t bad enough they make us have regular flue inspections too!

Now its not just as simple as go to the appointment, drop your underwear and let them do their thing; oh no… First of all I have to shower and shave!! This lady garden of mine isn’t in any fit state to be seen by another in its current state of wilderness and so I must don the sheers and tidy the weeds away before I can even contemplate letting the doctor near me.

For any girl, no matter the age, size or shape, lady gardening is no mean feat to say the least. Now I have a bad back to worry about and my mobility isn’t great at the best of times so Im sat here wondering how the hell I will even manage to angle myself to see the job let alone complete it. Im thinking mirrors.

I can hear all the guys sniggering to themselves but the ladies know what I mean. There is nothing more degrading than realising at the last minute that you have this appointment but don’t have time to shower and tidy up first. It tests the reserve of your strength and constitution, thats for sure.

This is one appointment that you really shouldn’t miss though as I know well. My mother had cervical cancer when I was little and I remember how scared I was that she was going to die. Research shows that regular screening helps prevent death by cancer and I can attest to it working as it was a smear test that picked up mums early cancer cells. I never miss mine, no matter how much fuss it is.

Today I am happy to be violated by a doctor and a speculum. Who knows, one day it could save my life too.

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  1. You’re right. As a man I can’t relate to having a pap smear. But as a woman, can you relate to having a doctor snap on a latex glove, instructing you to bend over and stick a finger into your butthole and poke around for a gland the size of a walnut? Or how about when the doc grabs your balls, squeezes, and tells you to cough? What fun!

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