The face in the mirror.

Written in response to #WotD. 10/9/19

The face in the mirror.

I miss the youthful complexion
That no longer stares at me
When I look into the mirror
An old woman do I see
Hair snow white, thin and bare
Wrinkles now appearing there
Body lost to wrack and ruin
Old age is fast accruing
Brittle bones and a fading smile
God, he knows it’s been a while
Since I have looked, or I have seen
The young face behind the screen
Of marks that mar my age lined face
Mirroring my fall from grace
I’m proud of every single scar
They prove that I have come far
But I miss the face I once knew
The face that once looked fresh and new
I miss the old me, don’t you see
I miss the life drained out of me.

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