Dear Diary.

The weather has turned positively autumnal this week and thoughts turn to how I intend to keep the house warm this winter. I have central heating but it isn’t up to much and there are no radiators in the bathroom at all; meaning it gets very cold in there when youre taking a shower. I somehow need to find the couple hundred pounds its going to cost to have a plumber come in and fit me a radiator.

I need to win the lottery!

I look around this house and all I can see is a myriad of bills mounting up for repairs that I shouldn’t have to be managing or fixing myself but when the landlady is your mother what can you do? I get a good amount of rent rebate for the fact that the house isn’t up to much, only paying about half market value in rent a month but still. Its too much considering the amount thats needed in heating to keep the place warm.

The whole place needs gutting to a shell and putting back together properly.

Grandma would turn in her grave if she could see the state her palace had gotten into. She loved this house, it was her passion and she would cry if she could see the state of the place now; that makes me really sad. My grandma was my world and to see her pride and joy reduced to the near ruinous state this house is fast becoming breaks my heart.

I miss her so much.

Todays mission is to source and cost a plumber!

Im praying for a miracle!


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