Do you believe in magic?

Written in response to #FPQ, #FOWC & #YDWP

Growing up I had a tenuous grasp on reality at the best of times and magic played a huge part in that.

I don’t mean Penn and Teller kind of magic tricks, that’s just science used in an ingenious way to fool people; although they are cool. I mean real magic; giants, dragons, fairies and elves and all things fantasy.

I believed that fairies existed and that dragons once roamed the earth. I believed that little people lived under the floors and would borrow your things from time to time and I didn’t question my logic at all back then.

I cast my mind back to my childhood where I remember living in a house filled with fantasy. My mother has a love for sci-fi and fantasy with books such as Lord of the rings, the Shannara series and Magic Kingdom dotted around as well as pictures of fairies and dragons too. I couldn’t escape it.

I saw some amazing things happen in our church too that could be termed magic by those who don’t believe in God and I wondered how those things were achieved.

Ive seen lame people walk and blind claim to be able to see, these are surely magical acts aren’t they, wrapped in the guise of a religious miracle? Some would say the two are the same, some would argue not; but I remember thinking that they were one and the same as a child. A wizard or a witch could heal someone just as easily as the minister of the church and his pals.

Child logic I know but it is still something I puzzle frequently.

I think I stopped believing some time around aged ten (possibly later than I should have really,) when I replaced my love of fantasy and the church with a love of sci-fi instead. Nowadays I am slightly more sane; at least in the sense that I know dragons and fairies don’t exist but I wonder how and why I was so convinced as a child.

Perhaps that’s where the magic lies; in the minds and imaginations of children. Perhaps we lose it as we grow up and our minds get filled with logic, science and reason.

Does magic exist? Who knows really? Nowadays I believe nothing without proof as I don’t even trust my own senses any longer.

If you believe it does then it most likely will for you! I believe the mind has the power to create anything you wish it to and if you believe in fairies, you will likely see one.

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  1. “I believe the mind has the power to create anything you wish it to….” Sorry to hijack your fine post and use it to make a political point, but I believe that Donald Trump’s mind has the power to create anything he wishes it to, and that’s why he’s such a danger to the country and to the world.

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