As any of you who follow regularly will know, I have developed an obsession with meditative artworks of late; mandala’s and zentangle to be precise.

I found these art forms a few years back and have never really gotten into them as I wrongly thought that they take time and patience to complete, something I have always been lacking until recently.

In the past I have found meditation in its normal sense to be hugely helpful but extremely awkward to build into my day, what with having two small ones running around all over the place it is very hard to find a quiet spot to sit, let alone to sit in for more than thirty seconds at a time!

Because of this I tended to only meditate in the bath or in bed. This was never productive as I could guarantee Id be asleep before the end of the session.

Zentangle and Mandala are providing the answers at the moment in that I can sit and doodle whilst the kids do their thing and I don’t have to be completely shut off from the world in order to gain at least some of the calming and centering benefits the task gives.

The kids have even started to copy and now are asking to get their drawing equipment out when I get mine out and we all draw together at times. I missed them asking to get all their stuff out yesterday when I was setting up mine; sad almost that they werent there to bug me and I struggled to settle at first without the normal background chatter in the house.

Im a little sad that it will all come to a screaming halt in a few weeks time when uni starts again and I am forced to replace the marker pens for my notebooks and laptop but I am determined to take my sketchbook with me so I can sit and doodle in my breaks.

three days work
watercolour, biro and sharpie.

For now I am just enjoying the benefits and outcomes whiles I can. No doubt I shall post a few more pics next week.


Written in response to #WotD.

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