Dear Diary.

Yesterday was awful! No housework to get stuck into, no laundry, no errands to run, no kids at home; nadda! By the time Bear got home mid afternoon I was about ready to tear my hair out I was so bored.

I hate days like that, where I have nothing to do but rattle around in the house and hope someone calls or pops over. Whoever says loneliness is the plight of the elderly is damned wrong. It affects everyone at some point.

The only up side to all the time I have on my hands is that I get to paint and draw a lot more than I used to, which is nice as I haven’t really been able to do that for the last eight or so years with the two little ones about all the while. they get into all the equipment. lol

Yesterday I painted this.

Watercolour and sharpie.

I need lots more practice but I have to admit… Im quite proud of this one as the colours stayed bright and vibrant.

The things we do to keep busy eh.

Whats your top tip for keeping your mind occupied and fending off the loneliness fairy?

Id love to know.


6 thoughts on “6/9/19.

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      1. Because I like your blog and I actually care!

        And you’re slowly coming out of your shell and soon will be attempting to give me a hard time… you won’t, but I’ll enjoy your efforts.

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