The fairy who lived in a tea-cup.

Written in response to #Tale Weaver. 5/9/19.

The fairy who lived in a tea-cup.

Joy was a flower fairy.
She lived at the bottom of the garden in the prettiest tea-cup you have ever seen.
One day as Joy was tending her garden, she noticed a pretty little girl playing on the swing attached to the gardens tree.
The garden hadn’t had children in it for years and Joy was surprised and excited to see someone, all at once. Maybe now she would have a friend again.
You see, only children who believe can see real fairies and no children in the house meant no friends for poor Joy. She had been lonely for a very long time.
Joy really hoped that the girl believed in fairies as she flew over to the swing and sat down beside her.
The little girl looked sad and Joy hopped onto her knee. “Are you OK?” she asked. The little girl looked at joy and a huge smile came on her face.
“Are you real?” asked the girl, surprised.
“I am.” Said Joy. “I am a flower fairy. What’s your name?”
“Cara.” Said the girl excitedly. “What’s your name?”
“I’m Joy, nice to meet you. Do you want to be my friend?”
Cara told Joy she would love to be her friend and invited her to play in the sandpit. She ran off giggling as Joy flew after her.
And that’s how Cara and Joy became best friends.

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