Dear Diary

So yesterday was a complete whirlwind of organising, laundry, shopping and chips!

My day was filled with finding and prepping all the school uniform and making sure bags and book bags were sorted ready for the 7:45 am deadline on leaving the house this morning. Its been seven weeks since I’ve had to corral the kids into anything before breakfast and I’m not so sure how the small things are going to react to the stress this morning.

Little man doesn’t sleep very well at the best of times but when hes stressy or excited, which he is both at the moment, he sleeps even less than normal. I’m hoping that his excitement and exhaustion doesn’t turn into aggression today and that we can get out of the house without too much bother, because if little miss decides to follow her brothers lead, which she does quite often, I could have a war on my hands by 7:30!

By 8;15 I’m going to be sat in my kitchen, alone for the first time in months and I’m not going to lie, I’m anxious about it in a big way. I haven’t had to cope alone with my thoughts since starting on the new medication and I’m not sure how my head is going to react to all the time to itself.

I want to fill my day with housework but in all honesty I don’t have the energy after yesterdays marathon organisation day and then shopping after tea. We didn’t get home till gone eight and didn’t get to bed till after eleven so I’m exhausted today and I hurt from being on my feet for so long. My body is telling me I should be laid up for the day resting but my head is telling me I’ll need to keep myself busy.

This is going to be a very long day.


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