Dear diary.

I can really tell its the end of the school holidays, the kids have turned into absolute monsters! They fought with each other all day yesterday, they’re so ready to get back to work and burn off all the excess energy they have.

Today is the last day I have them at home and I badly want to spend the day with them doing something but we have so much prep to do for the three of us starting back, its unreal.

I never realised how hard it would be to try and organise two small ones for school and this big one for univarsity, all at the same time. Its becoming a bit of a chore. I still haven’t got the last bits of uniform they need and so that is the first job on the list for today.

The second is to rectify my hair out as I have so much root on show I’m starting to look like a hobo. Id really like to go to the hairdressers and have it sorted out but the current cash flow situation leaves me with DIY being my only option. ( Must remember to get hair bleach from the supermarket as well as uniforms!)

Well thats my day almost filled up and the kids aren’t even out of bed yet, lets see how much I can cram in before they wake.

On with the day LillBlu!


Including prompt from #FOWC. 4/9/19

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