The invitation.

Written in response to #YDWP & #WotD Challenges.

The invitation.

Sarah was nervous. She had never done anything like this before and was unsure whether or not she should really go through with it; it was only the money that made her even consider such a venture.

Sarah was an art student at the local university and so she was used to doing things her own way and with her own flair but this was out there even for her, and certainly topped the list of crazy stunts but the situation had become dismal for her over the last year; trying to juggle study with work and sleep.

Sarah just needed a break, and this promised to be that gig. She had read the contract. One night, one event, that was it. No commitment to anything further and a cool ten grand in her back pocket. How could she turn down such a huge amount when she was so desperate for the money?

The contract had arrived on her dorm room doorstep just yesterday morning, a scroll of all things, kind of grabs your attention when its leaning against your doorframe and Sarah hurriedly took it back inside to open.

The scroll, complete with wax seal was written on expensive vellum and in the most exquisite script Sarah had ever seen. She was convinced this was a trick played on her by one of her colleagues, but she was intrigued non the less and continued to read the lengthy document.

It spoke of an event to happen in three nights time, at a very exclusive club over on the other side of town that was famed for its mysterious parties and one-off events. Everyone knew of the place and the theories about what went on there, but no one had ever been lucky enough to be invited in before and this piqued Sarah’s interest further. The scroll concluded with a document at the end to sign and instructions to leave it outside the door for collection.

Sarah laughed out loud when she had finished reading, so sure was she that this was some kind of wind up. The scroll said nothing of the event itself, no clue as to what her role would be within this show, just some very lengthy and personal instructions as to what to wear and how she should behave, the time and place she should report to and the method of payment and amount. It was a very official and authentic reading contract, even if it did look like it fell out of a fantasy novel.

Sarah hurried over to her desk to retrieve her favourite pen and she giggled as with levity she signed her name in bright pink Biro; complete with kisses and a heart. She rolled back up the vellum and laughed to herself as she left it propped up against her doorframe and headed for the showers once more.

The scroll had gone when she returned to her room from the showers, no sign of it anywhere and Sarah assumed whichever friend was playing this prank had shown up to collect it.


Over the next few days Sarah questioned every friend and colleague she could about the scroll, not one of them seemed to know anything about it and Sarah started to become worried that this wasn’t some game after all. She wished she had paid more attention to the details before she had signed it as beyond the time and date and some of the clothing requirements, she couldn’t remember a damned thing it had said; not even the event title or organisers name so she couldn’t look it up online.

It dawned on her after a while that she might indeed have to fulfil this contract and take part in whatever this show was. Sarah wracked her brains for clues.

The clothing requirements, black skirt and white blouse with black heels gave the impression that her role would be as server or staff of some sort but the intimate details that the document went into about underwear stuck in her head, they seemed wholly unnecessary for any role. The scroll had insisted that she wear only black, matching, lace underwear complete with suspenders and stockings and this struck Sarah as odd.

She had heard of companies demanding only white underwear on its employees so as not to show through uniforms but never had she heard of anywhere demanding stockings and suspender belts before and she wondered for the first time if it was a legal event after all.


The day of the event arrived, and Sarah had mulled over the situation for many hours. She couldn’t find anyone on campus who knew anything about it and so she concluded the only way to find out if it was all a joke or for real was to attend as she had been invited.

She donned her garb, complete with stockings and suspenders and rang a taxi to take her to the club. The instructions had made it clear that no make up was to be warn and Sarah was glad of this as she was not the type of girl that usually wore make up, just a little eye liner here and there. She didn’t like the suffocating feeling of it on her skin and so chose to be as natural as possible.

As she paid the cab driver, he winked and said good luck! This struck Sarah as odd as she had not spoken to him at all on the drive over so he couldn’t possibly know what she was doing, could he? Sarah was about to question him when the door behind her opened revealing an extremely large bouncer who asked for her by name.

“Sarah Winner, come this way please.” He said in dulcet tones and Sarah had no choice but to follow.

She was led through a corridor and across a dance floor before being ushered through an ornate set of doors at the back of the club. The place was deserted except for a few cleaners, Sarah assumed that the place would be opening around nine and that preparations were still under way for the day’s activities.

Sarah gasped on entry to what she had thought was a back office. She had never seen anything like it before but instantly knew what kind of room this was and simultaneously regretted her decision to enter. She couldn’t reverse for the man mountain of a security guard that was right behind her; her only option was to step forward, into the unknown.


She walked out of that room six hours later a changed woman and a whole lot richer.

To this day she has never told what transpires within those ornate doors each and every time she returns but return, she does.

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