Dear diary.

What a horrid nights sleep!

The weather is on the turn here in our part of the UK and autumn is fast approaching. With it the wind is picking up again and the rain has started to have a chill to it again, it sucks.

It also means that I cant sleep with the window open because it rains inside and the spiders come indoors and scare the snot out of me!!

This all makes for a really uncomfortable nights sleep as its not quite cold enough for blankets but not quite warm enough to not have them either, combine that with the fact that Bear is like a furnace when hes asleep and I wake up drenched and cold all the time.

Oh well, I should be grateful that we have at least had some summer this year; cant believe its this time of year again already.

I’m trying not to let the sadness slip in too much but I hate September through to December since my Lee passed, its still all so raw. All our memorable moments happened in those few months and I’m trying my best not to think too much about it all. but its hard not to.

It will be two years without him this year and so much has happened. I just need to focus on the here and now and be thankful that I’m here to enjoy it.

I’m happy with what I have now, happier than I’ve been in years and far more content and secure but I cant help wonder what would have been, what could have been.

but hey ho, it isn’t.

onwards and upwards, so they say.


including prompt – #FOWC. 1/2119.

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