Dear diary.

I’m going to have to move this post to a morning as I keep falling asleep before writing on an evening! Yesterday I slept most of the evening in my computer chair before finally going to bed at about midnight. These new tablets they have put me on are killing me.

Poor bear only ever sees me asleep nowadays. He gets here around six in the evening and by half eight I’ve passed out and am snoring. I’m no company for him, nor anyone really after about four o’clock when the sleepiness kicks in.

Im actually quite worried about going back to university in a few weeks time. Some of my classes are in an evening and I will have to drive to and from them; sometimes as late as seven pm and Im actually afraid Ill fall asleep whilst driving or in class itself.

I have a meds review soon, maybe I need to change the medication before I return to uni? In some ways Id rather be unmedicated; at least I get more done when I’m manic!

Oh well, I have to try and look on the positive sides… At least by being asleep early Im up before sunrise and can blog without the bears climbing all over me.

Small blessings eh?

speak soon. xx

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