A chance encounter.

written in response to todays prompts from #YDWP & #WotD.

A chance encounter.

Welcome to Lady Sandra’s. Please let one of our staff members know if you need any assistance whilst visiting today.” Oozed the sales assistant as Jill walked into the store but Jill wasn’t listening.

“Wow! What a store!” muttered Jill in retort.

It was Jill’s first time into a store like this and she didn’t know where to look first, there was so much on display, but the time had come to join the realms of real women and actually have a bra fitted!

Jill had just turned eighteen and up until this point had only ever worn sports bras, nothing with shape or padding, underwires or frills of any sort as her mother simply didn’t agree with such things. Jill had led a sheltered life filled with long school days and lonely evenings at home taking care of her ailing father.

After her fathers passing, her mother had to find work and so Jill, still completing her studies was left to manage the house and in turn buy her own clothes. ‘With one freedom comes another shackle!’ As her mother would often say.

“Can I draw your attention to the exquisite selection of Lady Sandra’s own label sets, on offer today?” The sales assistant piped up again, dragging Jill back to reality with a blush and a hasty shuffle off in the direction of the fitting rooms and hopefully someone who was a little less enthusiastic.

Jill spotted an older lady staff member and headed over to enquire about fitting.

“Hi there, can I help?”

“Id like to ask… do you have a fitting service here? I don’t know what size I am as I’ve never worn a proper bra before.” Jill blushed with embarrassment at the obvious shock on the store assistants face. Jill didn’t look like a young eighteen-year-old in the slightest but surely she couldn’t be the only one to have ever come in here and asked to be fitted.

“Yes, we certainly do. If you would like to take a seat in the waiting area I will have someone come over and help you figure this out honey.” The assistant patted Jill on the shoulder and ushered her over to some seating to wait.


James had been watching Jill since she came into the store. He watched them all from here. He knew instantly, the moment they walked through the door which one he was going to pick that day and today was Jill’s turn. Today he would have himself another innocent.

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