Seriously! Is that really a word?

Written in response to the following challenges; #WotD & #FOWC

When I saw todays challenge on #FOWC I nearly fell off my chair! Is that really a word? I have to admit to googling it, just to be sure.

Whenever Ive thought about the word highfalutin in the past I have always associated it with one thing… Yosemite Sam and Bugs Bunny and fond memories of childhood.

Although I cant find a video reference to him actually using this word I am almost certain this is where I have heard it from and why I always thought it was the imaginings of Warner Bros and not a real word itself.

I must thank Fandango for the trip down memory lane at five in the morning. I woke both of the kids up laughing at looney tunes! Guess what my two will be doing for the remainder of the day whilst I pig out their sty’s… Thats right… more looney tunes!

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