The West World Heist.

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The West World Heist.

Everyone thought he was mad when he started working at the theme park, but Max had a plan. He had been casing the place for weeks before finally getting a position within the park that allowed him to get to the places he needed to be, and what a job he had landed: Electrical engineer, with all the rights and access that granted. He only had to stick at it for a few weeks though, then he quit knowing the groundwork had been laid. Keef knew what max was up to. He was in on it too, of course! Keef secured his position within the firm the day Max quit and phase two of the plan was in play.

“Pssst… pssssst!!! Keef? Where are you?”
It was pitch black at the perimeter fence and Max was losing his patience. It was then that he heard the distinctive clinking of the security guards uniform headed his way and he ducked for cover.
“Pssst… Max, is that you?”
“Of course it is you damned fool, who else is gunna be out here at two in the morning whispering for you?”
The pair exchanged their usual banter before Keef pulled out the wire cutters and cut the wire fence enough for Max to get through.
“Here you go Max.” said Keef, dumping a sack at his feet. “Uniform. All employees wear it and you don’t want to stand out now do you?” Keef sniggered as Max opened the sack.
“Oh No! You don’t seriously expect me to wear this do you Keef?” asked Max quizzically. “Its all bootstraps and cowboy hats, who wears this stuff; it’s so overrated!”
“Sorry Max, its security uniform, we all have to wear it, besides, I kinda like it!”
“You would!” said Max.
Keef helped Max don the sheriff’s uniform, complete with spurs and fake pistols then took a step back and laughed out loud. “What do you look like Max?” asked Keef.
“An idiot!” said Max. “Couldn’t you find a smaller outfit?”
“This was the smallest they had I’m afraid buddy, they don’t usually hire such short security, come on…” Keef clinked his way back over the field towards the night security office as Max clunked and shuffled along behind him.
After a fraught few minutes adapting Max’s outfit with string and electrical cord they were finally on with the final phase… Robbing the ticket office safe. Keef had intel that the safe was due to be banked the following day and so tonight was the night they were gunna score big. Max had rigged the electrical systems to fail at exactly midnight and when they did, they could short out the security systems undetected leaving the ticket office zone unalarmed.
Everything went off without a hitch and at five past midnight a pair of the oddest cowboys ever seen sauntered out of the security office and across the car park to the ticket office.
“This job has been so easy Max.” piped Keef as they were almost at the office doors. “We don’t often get paid to case out a job, do we?”
Max had to concede, this had been an easy job which seemed a shame to him as Keef had found something he enjoyed and was good(enough) at; shame tonight is his last night really, thought Max.
“Over here Max!” said Keef, bringing him out of his revere and Max tottered up the office steps.
“We need to break the window so it doesn’t look like an inside job Keef, shall I leave this one to you buddy?” asked Max gleefully. He knew how much his pal liked to be useful and breaking things was a speciality of Keef’s. With one swift elbow to the corner of the pane Keef was through in a matter of seconds and with no alarms to sound the pair continued their entry.
“Where is the safe Keef?” asked Max.
“Over there under the desk, the code is written under the desk!” Replied Keef.
“That’s a stupid place to write a code, but handy for us eh. Said Max in retort.
“Keef…” Max’s tone was flat and low and Keef knew instantly something was wrong. The hairs bristled on the back of his neck as he walked over to Max knelt in front of the safe.
“What’s up buddy?” Said Keef tentatively.
“Why is this safe full of nothing but coins, granted there are a lot of coins, but COINS!” Max started to yell as Keef stood up but soon thought better of it as his pal now towered six feet above him and wasn’t looking to happy.
“I didn’t know that they did that bud, honestly. There’s loads of cash in there though. I heard there’s well over five grand to be banked tomorrow. Let’s dig it all out and have a look.” Keef rattled off the words as fast as he could so Max didn’t have time to get anymore annoyed. He pushed him to a side and started dragging handfuls of cash bags out of the safe and onto the floor.
“Where’s the bag Max? Were gunna need it buddy.”
Max grumped as he handed Keef the hold-all and started stuffing coinage into the bag. Maybe this didn’t have to be a complete bust after all, maybe they could come away with something for all the weeks hard graft they had put in. Max was deflated but determined not to come away empty handed.
“Were gunna need another bag Keef, did you bring one?” Asked Max snappily.
“No buddy, I thought this one would have been enough, what we gunna do?” replied Keef.
“We have pockets, get filling them. I’m not leaving a single penny behind.” Grumped Max again and Keef started ramming bags into every pocket he could find.
When the pair had finally packed every penny into the hold-all and their pockets they waddled in true cowboy fashion out of the ticket office and headed out towards the main gates and freedom.
“AAH, OW! Hang on a minute Keef!” exclaimed Max, halfway across the car park.
“I’ve got a damned pebble in my boot, help me get it out!”
Keef laughed and waddled back over to his friend to offer assistance.
“This is bloody stupid Keef, I can’t lift my leg up I’m so damned heavy with coinage. You’re gunna have to help me. Please!” Max begged as Keef slowly walked back to his best pal’s aid.
“Give me your foot!” said Keef as he reached Max’s side. Keef, not knowing his own strength pulled on his boot so hard that the pair of them fell into a heap on the floor, scattering coins all over the place. The pair laid on the floor laughing at the hilarity of the situation when suddenly the flood lights in the park started to come back on one by one.

“Sh!t Keef, the systems rebooting, get me off this floor and lets get out of here now, we’ll just have to leave what we’ve dropped. Run!”

Anyone driving down that road that night would have seen two very unlikely looking cowboys, part waddling, part running down a deserted road in a shower of coins and shook their heads in disbelief. But that’s exactly what did happen; and they got away with it too.

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