18+ only. This is not a child friendly read!


When Belle met Coban in a local bar, she had no idea that her life would be turned upside down by this charismatic, charming and quite frankly, hot guy. Had she known how events would unfold she may well have left the bar that night with Chemi, her best friend since school, and not accepted the drink Coban offered her.

Belle wakes, cold and confused. After a few minutes, the fog begins to clear and she becomes aware that she is bound, gagged and blindfolded. Fear sets in as she realises her situation and it dawns on her that she is naked, strapped to a chair and doesn’t know how she got there. After a frantic few minutes of testing her restraints and trying to scream through the gag she is wearing, it becomes apparent that she isn’t going anywhere in a hurry.

‘Holy fuck, holy fuck… What the hell is going on?’

Belles mind is racing in time with her heart.

‘How the hell did I get here, where the hell am I?’

Belle listens as carefully as she can, trying to hear a clue to where she might be. On the furthest reach of her hearing, she becomes aware of someone else. The faint but steady tempo of someone else breathing. Every hair on Belles body prickles at the sound and she becomes rigid with fear.

‘Who’s there? Who’s there? For the love of God, who’s there?’

Belles mind screams inside her head, but she is frozen and can’t make a sound.

‘Please don’t hurt me!’

A silent prayer said over and over inside her mind.

The breathing changes, a chair scrapes on the hard floor. Whoever is there is on the move, coming closer, sauntering footsteps mark the approach. They stop by her side and Belle bristles once more.

‘Hello Belle, please don’t be afraid.’

Belle jumps at the voice whispering into her ear.

‘Holy crap, Coban!’

She tries to say through the gag. Panicking she strains her bonds once more until a hand clasps her chin and tilts her head upwards.

‘Don’t be afraid Belle, we’re here to play a game.’

Coban’s voice, like silk, wraps around the words and makes them sound so erotic. Something deep inside Belle stirs and for a moment she forgets her fear and listens intently.

‘I brought you here to show you my world, my world of pleasure.’

Belle’s heart stops dead at the words.

‘I won’t do anything more than you can handle, but it is my hope, that before tonight is through you will beg me for more.’

Belles mind reels at the idea.

‘What the hell is this guy on about, beg him? Is he completely off his rocker? He has kidnapped me, bound me and now he thinks I will beg him! What the hell!’

Belle flinches out of her revere as she feels a light touch at her left ankle. A soft sensation of a feather being drawn lightly and slowly up her calf.

‘Oh, no fucking way!’

Belle screams through the gag as she jerks about, trying to tip the chair and get away from the mad man. The chair is suddenly being dragged backwards, hard, until it hits what feels like the corner of the room. She can no longer rock it backwards and is effectively pinned.

‘Please Belle. I will let you go when we’re through. You need to believe that what I say is true. You will enjoy this, you will beg for more.’

Belle freezes again as the feather starts its slow, sensual path up her calf once more and soft music plays gently from an unknown source. A warm breath blows gently across her knees as the feather is trailed slowly from one calf, down across her feet and achingly slowly back up the other leg.

‘Shit! Why is this so hot? This shouldn’t be happening to me.  I’ve been tied up and held against my will, so why is this so damned erotic?’

The feather continues its languid journey up the outside of her right leg, slowly circling and teasing its way to the apex of her thighs. Stopping short and travelling south down the opposite side.

‘Once I can trust you, Belle, I will release your gag. I want to hear you call my name as you plead with me. For now, though we will leave it in place. I want to learn how your body responds when words can’t be used.’

‘What the fuck! Is he serious? As if I’m going to respond to him like this! He’s lost the plot!

Belle shakes her head in refusal but a firm, soft hand grips her chin once more steadying her.

‘Be still sweet girl. The morning will come soon enough, and you will wish it hadn’t.’

Belle doubts the words but something deep inside her calls to her, begging her to not fight. Resigned to her fate she stills and awaits Cobans next move.

The feather again… Slowly, from the base of her ear, draws down to the nape of her neck. Swirling over her clavicle, skims the top of her breast and down the opposite side along her ribs. Tantalisingly slowly it caresses her skin as it is gently and skilfully drawn around her navel and begins its journey back up the other side. Goosebumps rise on her flesh as she fights not to respond to the sensations.

‘You respond well, beautiful lady.’

Coban whispers into her ear as the feather travels south again down between her breasts, skimming her tummy and down between her parted thighs. Gently caressing her exposed clitoris.

‘Jeeze! What the hell! Why is he doing this? How can this be so good when I’m being forced against my will?’

Belle curses her traitorous body as she feels her nipples becoming tight and a deep warming sensation develops way down low. She tries so very hard to resist but as the feather repeats its path across her sex, she is powerless to stop her hips moving up to meet it.

‘Oh that’s right baby, don’t resist.’

A warm breath blows across her breasts and the feelings become more intense. The combination of fear, adrenaline, being blindfold, bound and gagged all come together at once to create an overwhelming desire. The desire to be touched. The feather trails away down her leg and is gone leaving her bereft, wanting.

Belle sits splayed on the chair. Arms tied to chair arms; legs tied to chair legs. Completely exposed, heart racing.

‘Oh, dear lord! Why has he stopped?’

The sudden realisation that she wants him to continue stops her in her thoughts.

‘Why oh why is this happening to me? What the hell is going on?’

A warm hand on her knee pulls her back from her thoughts as she feels him lean closer, his breath blowing gently over her skin. He is kneeling in front of her, his hands slowly travelling up her thighs, caressing her all the way to her hips and around to her behind. His warmth seeps into her as he gets closer, his hands now skilfully travelling up her lower back bringing him ever closer until he is resting between her legs. His face mere inches from her breasts. The proximity is intoxicating, and her heart begins to pound making her light-headed. She finds herself willing him to close the distance, the warming sensation deep down low now an overwhelming ache. Her body is on fire and she arches her back, trying to brush her breasts against his face.

‘So eager now beautiful girl?’

Coban says, his voice triumphant.

‘We will have to see what we can do to oblige!’

A shiver runs down Belle’s spine as sweet anticipation grips her and she realises that, more than anything, right now she would do anything he asked.

Coban gently pulls her behind towards him in the chair, leaving her even more exposed than ever, not that she minds, and she wriggles further forward, hungry now for more of the sweet, sweet torture. She feels his breath again as he leans forward and slowly takes her right nipple between his teeth, gently tugging and twisting before taking her small, pert breast into his mouth and sucking hard. Sensation shoots through Belle as she pushes further towards him.

‘Shall we see how far I can take you just like this?’ He asks.

Belle is lost and barely hears him. Libido has taken hold of her and all she can think of is how good it feels.

He continues his torture, first of her right breast, then her left. Gently nibbling and nipping on the nipple, pulling each till they are long and hard.  Taking each breast into his mouth in turn, sucking and worshipping them until Belle is writhing in her seat.

He stops suddenly, leaving her wanting.

‘Do you want more, sweet girl? I can walk away now if you would like me to!’

Belle instantly shakes her head, pushing her breasts forward, even she can’t believe that she wants this to continue but stopping is as far from her mind as it could be right now.

‘Can I trust you enough to remove the gag baby?’

Belle nods again and gently he unties the cord holding it in place.

‘Promise you won’t hurt me, please.’

Belle says once she regains the use of her mouth.

‘I would never hurt you baby girl; I just want to show you my world! Shush now, do as I say.’

Belle nods again. Coban moves closer, taking her chin in his hand he tilts her head and skims his lips against hers, nibbling gently on her lower lip. He is torturously slow. Using his hands, he holds her head as he kisses her deeply. Each exploring the others mouths with their tongues. He moves his kisses down her to her throat, travelling lower, trailing kisses as he goes. Lower and lower till he reaches the apex of her thighs.

‘Let’s see how good you taste baby girl!’ He says.

Before Belle can register a response his tongue deftly parts her lips and is swirling around and around the most sensitive of parts. Searing heat rages through her in waves as he pulls her closer to the edge of the chair and closer to the edge of her undoing. Gently he slips a finger inside her and skilfully caresses the sweet spot inside, behind her clitoris. She can feel herself climbing higher and higher.

‘Let it all go baby girl, say my name.’ He breathes between swirls.

With that command Belle unravels around him, the most intense and earth-shattering orgasm she has ever had.

‘Oh my God, Coban!’ She cries out as her world melts away.

She is vaguely aware of him releasing her bonds, being picked up and carried to a bed. As she feels soft warm covers being wrapped around her, she hears.

‘Sleep a while beautiful lady, there is plenty of time left until morning.’

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