Being alone is awful.

Nothing to stimulate the senses, no-one to break the endless silences. Nothing to do but ponder co-operation with anyone and nothing to enrich your days but radio, TV or books; no cohabiting companions to change the pace a little. Loneliness isn’t just the plight of the elderly; it isn’t something that happens only to them. being lonely affects all walks of like and all ages; for all kinds of different reasons.

How often do we check on those that have no-one? Who is it we check on? Grandma, Grandpa, Great Aunt Maggie or the old lady at the end of the street? In all likelihood they all have one thing in common and that is that they are older; perhaps having lost partners recently or have become infirm.

But what about those that aren’t elderly? What about the single Mums and Dads that are housebound after teatime when the kids are in bed? What about those in hostels or the homeless? What about the bullied kids and the loners or those with mental health issues?

Anyone can suffer a lonely period in their life for one reason or another but it is the fact that it only seems to be recognized in those over the age of sixty that makes me wonder. Its a quandary.

How many people commit suicide every year simply because they feel so lonely and lost that they see no other way out? Could we prevent even a small number of them from taking their own lives simply by letting them know that they are not alone?

I wonder what would happen if each one of us went out and befriended someone who was lonely for whatever reason? I wonder what kind of difference that would make to the world?

Written in response to #YDWP, #WotD & #SoCS

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Happy writing folks.

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