Good morning everyone.

Im still not feeling on top form but Im a bit more positive today than I have been. My mojo still hasn’t returned tho and I am struggling still to form words into sentences at the moment.

I hope you like today’s combined entry for the Word of the day challenge & Your Daily Word Prompt. Dont forget to track back the links and check out everyone elses entries too.

Happy reading folks!


Jane was a lady. Through and through.
She never cursed or swore, bit her nails or wore casual clothing; she was always dressed to kill. Nothing about her said anything other than money, class and good breeding.

No one would have ever expected what she really was; what she had become three nights a week in order to survive. Behind closed doors, three nights a week, Jane was anything but a lady!

John would be here soon, and Jane was running late. She just couldn’t find her focus today; her heart really wasn’t in this job, but she couldn’t afford to lose the income if she ever hoped to claw her way out.
When Sally had sold her the idea with tales of all the money on offer Jane hadn’t been in a position to question morals or even the sanity or the situation, she just needed to be earning and fast before what remained of her cash ran out and she became homeless.
The job sounded like all her dreams come true with promise of enough cash to pay for school and the lifestyle needed to pass in the world she hoped to enter.

All these things came to fruition had Jane managed to carve a particular reputation for herself and had found her niche. She had earned enough money in a year to pay a deposit on a property, buy a new car and fund the lifestyle she was now living as well as pay her way through school. Jane had made it!

Jane snapped back from her daydream “COMING!” she shouted and hurried to put on her last stocking before she could let John in.
John was tall, a little over six feet, with jet black hair and the build of an athlete. She could see his muscles ripple through the pale blue T-Shirt he was wearing, and her stomach clenched a little. Jane held a gaze on John a little longer than was truly necessary, but she was intrigued by this man.
He wasn’t the normal type that had graced her door before, but she was never one to shy away from a challenge. Tonight, she had intended to have fun, and so fun she was going to have.

She would enjoy the destruction of this one, very much!

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