Jenny & Geoff.

Good morning everyone. The sun is shining this morning over my corner of England and so the Bears and I are heading out for the morning to try and top up our vitamin D.

Seeing as Im short on time today I have combined four challenges (#YDWP, #WotDC, #FOWC & #SPF )in one this morning. I hope you enjoy.

Don’t forget to track the links back and check out the other entries.

Happy reading

Jenny and Geoff.

They were different in style but not content. Both photographers, both artists in their own right; but the mediums and tools they choose differ. Geoff preferring traditional film cameras and equipment whilst Jenny laughed at this and snapped away on her latest mobile phone, editing everything with photoshop or some other gadget Geoff had no hope of understanding. Geoff the less pliable of the two, sticking to what he knew whilst Jenny explored the unknown. They were the unlikeliest of pairs; to say the least.

They had met on a dating app; Jenny ignoring Geoff for weeks before finally answering his messages and they became instantly inseparable. Jenny saw in Geoff the glimpse of a future; one she had been searching for, for a long time, but had never managed to find. A future of stability and support, of happy times and joyful moments. All the things Jenny had been missing for so long were presented to her when she met Geoff and she had fallen almost instantly in love with the man he was.

Jenny didn’t know that Geoff felt the same!

Jenny didn’t know that today was the day Geoff would finally propose to her.

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