Dear diary.

Another long and fruitful day…

The garden is almost complete and after three years it’s about time too.

We are finally able to walk from one end to the other without getting attacked by weeds and overgrown grass or falling over some random rubbish from the ex husbands hobbies. All the scrap metal and wood he had hoarded is gone. All the junk he made is gone. Even the shed has been cleared. It’s been a cathartic experience.

I couldn’t have got this far without Bear, he has been amazing, the true driving force behind the whole thing and I can never thank him enough for all his hard work. Without him I’d have gotten nowhere with any of it.

Next we need to plant it up a bit and rip down the lean-to before it falls on someone’s head again. Bear took the brunt last time so it really has to go now. It will give us a much more open space too. More space for the kids to play and a safer space for them and MB1 when she is over.

Can you tell I’m a little excited by it all?

Anyways. Sleep time for me as I’m up at 5am.

Goodnight. Xx

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