Ellie the Elephant.

Over on #WOTD & #YDWP the challenge is to come up with something to fit the words you are given. I love to combine these challenges and see how many I can fit into one piece. ( I think I’ve managed three, max so far!)

Today’s words are Enigmatic and Elephant.

The poem wrote itself! Thanks to the teams on both pages for such a fun challenge today.

I hope you enjoy. xx

Ellie the Elephant.

Ellie the Enigmatic Elephant,

Had such an odd type temperament.

She stomped and trumpeted all day long,

Her vocal range quite eloquent.

Ellie the Enigmatic Elephant,

Sometimes she was oh so petulant,

She sulked and grumbled all of the time,

To this I am a testament.

Ellie the Enigmatic Elephant,

She’s oh so damned intelligent,

A wave of the trunk and I’m gone, away,

She aims with such malevolence.

Don’t forget to check out everyone elses entries over on the challenge pages. Just follow the links above.

Happy reading.

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