An Open Letter.

I lost a huge piece of my heart when you went away,, as I expect you did too but what must be must be in order for us all to grow.

You’ve talked about losing toxic people from your life, as have I and this is exactly what has happened and what has had to be for both of us. The situation had become untenable for anyone and I couldn’t keep it together any longer; as you well know.

I was pushed to breaking point by the lies and deceit, by false promises and broken dreams because I let myself believe in a future where we were all happy and that was never going to be. I understand my naive attitude now and have vowed never to let it happen again.

The only way I can do that is by keeping the people out who manage to pull the wool over my eyes once; I obviously am susceptible to their manipulation to a degree I cant control and so the only thing to do is cut them out, ensuring my own and everyone elses safety.

I will never understand the need to force someone to be around a person if they don’t want to be, I know for sure that it is something you would never have stood for in the past and can only surmise that it is being forced upon you now; I pity you for not feeling strong enough to stand up against it but that is your choice.

I understand your situation far more clearly than you realise. Ive been there, not so very long ago. Ive lived through the paranoia and the threats and the tantrums and the sadness. I know it well and I pity you more for chosing to face it all alone.

Families are being broken by this, torn into pieces by one person and their need to be the center of everything. We all understand. We know whats going on.

We will always be here.

Momma Bear & Cubs

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