My Shadow.

Sunday Photo Fiction. 4/8/19.

Today’s challenge over on Sunday Photo Fiction is to create a short story in 200 words, using the image provided.

I have to admit, I have struggled no end with this this morning and cant come up with anything except a poem. Not strictly allowed but I hope I can write this off as a bit of writers block and be back on form soon.

I hope you enjoy the poem anyways.

It dances around behind my back,

Knowing that I cant see.

It mocks and mimics, copies my moves,

With flair and majesty.

It gloats and crows as it climbs up walls,

Aware that I cant follow.

It comes and goes whenever it wants,

A bitter pill to swallow.

My friend and I are one the same,

although not always around.

Days when the sun is up, high in the sky,

To me, my shadow is bound.

Dont forget to follow the links back to the source and check out others entries.

Thanks for reading.

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