Why do I adore you? A note to my Bear.

Your Daily Word Prompt & Word of the Day Challenge. 1/8/19.

What is the origin of my adoration for you? I can’t work it out at all.

You’re not my type, in any way, and I certainly didn’t ask to fall head over heals for you, it just happened all by itself. I can even pinpoint the exact moment I first knew; I thought you’d been hurt when you got mugged. Whilst everyone else worried about what had been taken and who had done it I sat and cried. I wanted only to know that you were OK.

My heart ached and my head reeled until I heard the sound of your voice and saw for myself that you were fine. I knew then that I loved you; but I’ve never understood why?

I still have the same feelings now when you drive to work and I hear nothing from you all day. I worry that you’ve had a crash, no-one would know to tell me and I find myself scanning the local traffic and travel news looking for some clue like a crazy person; utterly obsessed.

I often think that you feel maybe this is just a bi product of my mental health condition and my adoration for you is just down to the way the condition I have makes me behave but I don’t think it is. My feelings for you don’t change with my mood and when I’m mad with you I strangely want you just as much as when I’m not. It has no rhyme nor reason. It just is; and that’s how I know its real.

I utterly adore you. I cant explain it any clearer than that. You are my world and I wish I were your wife, because I know you will be my last ever love.


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