Morals, Mother & God!

Written in response to, and containing the following prompts:

FPQ; Do you believe that one can be moral without believing in God or being religious, or do you believe that you must believe in God in order to have a moral compass and to live a moral life? YDWP; Delimited and The Daily Spur Photo Prompt; Mother.

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Mother shook her head and sprayed water droplets across my friend and I as we walked out of my bedroom.

She always did this, walked out of the bathroom, naked or nearly naked, when she knew I had friends over; especially the boys. I think she got off on it, showing her breasts off to all and sundry; if only she had known what my friends actually said about her!

Morals didn’t seem to be that high on her agenda even though we were all devoted to our church at the time; attending prayer groups and Sunday school as well as normal services.

Mother didn’t seem to regard the teachings she herself was preaching at us with any regard at all. She cared nothing about showing herself to my friends, there were no delimited stand points in our daily lives, irrespective of our daily religion and so I grew up believing that you do not need religion to have morals, nor do you need morals to have religion.

By the time I were fifteen I no longer believed in God in any form, nor did I believe in my mother if I’m honest. The two had both shown me that neither would be there for me when I truly needed support and so I chose to walk away from both.

I am older now, and wiser, to some extent. I have a much more stable relationship with God and with my Mother than I used to have and I don’t hate either the way I used to. I still have little to no faith in either but I am at peace with both existing in a way I couldn’t be before.

Do I believe that one can be moral without believing in God or being religious, or do I believe that I must believe in God in order to have a moral compass and to live a moral life?

I believe morals and religious ideals are two separate subjects and, whilst one can merge into another you certainly don’t need to have both at the same time. An example of this would be all of the priests that have been convicted as sex offenders; they certainly have religious ideals without any morals by any civilized standards anyways.

We all believe, or not, in different Gods and each of those religious groups believe that all other groups are wrong in the eyes of God. If only one religion is the correct one and all others are immoral by default, which religion is the right religion?

Morals and religion cannot be bound in the same way. I for one am not particularly religious; I believe there is something but I have no idea what. My formation of a God is based around my christian upbringing and my adult life interest in the teachings of Buddha but I lay claim to no religious groups.

I believe I have strong morals and ethical values but I am not strict in my implementation and upkeep of the two. I have days when I would be classed as immoral and a sinner in anyone’s eyes but I always repent in one form or another, I always feel guilt.

I believe that morals are instilled in you along the path your life takes. At each stage in life your morals will inevitably adapt to encompass new aspects of life and whilst a religious grounding can give you a guidance as to what the basics are, only life itself can teach you the nuances.

So No! I don’t think you need God to be moral, nor do I think you need morals to have God.

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  1. You are right Lee. God and morals, especially orthodox religion have nothing to do with morals. Try and be as good a role model as you possibly can be to BBs! Children do what they see you doing and not what you teach them.
    And if you are immoral, as per you, on some days; don’t feel guilty. Just don’t repeat the things you don’t think are right.

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