S = STUDY. LillBlu’s A to Z challenge.. 20/7/19

I love being a student. Since leaving school, which I hated, all I have done with my life is raise children and study.

I’ve been a brick layer and builder, a painter and jewellery maker. I’ve trained as and been an administrator and mentor, tutor and teacher. I’ve taught IT and budgeting, Art, design and craft. I’ve learned from and taught others along the way too.

I’ve gained knowledge and skills for so many years with the hope of one day being able to put it into good use, when the bears have all grown and left the den. But then I discovered that what I studied didn’t really leave me in good stead for a career.

Building and bricklaying had to come to an end when my legs gave out on me at the knees. The back that followed precluding me from ever taking up the profession again and forcing me to retrain.

Tutoring, mentoring and teaching at the level I achieved isn’t a career option where I live, the want or need for my skill set made finding work almost impossible unless you are self employed. Not a way forward with under fives I felt and so forced me to retrain again.

Art and Jewellery making can only earn you so much and with mouths to feed my initial business ran for only the shortest of times; enough to know I loved it but long enough to know it would never sustain a family.

I have tried and been so many different things and they have always ended in a retraining mission; the next chapter of my learning journey but they have never fulfilled the role of being able to hold my interest, be achievable and sustain the brood I have. I admire those that do make a success of it; they have far more skill than I.

Currently, to no surprise I’m sure, I am studying!

This time I’m studying with a purpose. I am not studying for passion of the subject, I am studying for the pure knowledge I hope to gain from the four year experience doing this degree will allow.

This time I am not choosing a skill to learn or a particular avenue to follow; this time I’m studying business entrepreneurship and all of the Myriad subjects this encompasses.

Last year I learnt about business principles, processes and procedures. Differences between services and manufacturing and I finally understand what GDP means! I learnt a lot but i have so much left to learn.

Come September I will be covering marketing and accounting and finance as well as others yet to be disclosed. I get to chose a language course to learn if I wanted but that scares me quite a bit; my language skills often have issues dealing with English let alone a language I don’t know at all.

The prospects of the next three years excites me wildly. Whilst the umbrella topic of business entrepreneurship stays the same, what i’ll be learning will be the themes and subjects contained within the whole. I hope this knowledge will catapult me into the next phase of my life.

I just worry that after that what ill not know what to do; Ill miss the learning and structure. We shall have to see what the future holds in three years time,

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