The aftermath.

THE DAILY SPUR. Photo Prompt – Waste.

Max was deep in thought as he looked out of the window at the dreary day. After the waste of time the last job was, he was damned certain Keef wasn’t going to be in charge of any more missions, that’s for sure.

It had taken an hour, and Keef’s dad with an angle grinder, to free him from the mini digger; an experience neither of them had wanted to repeat.

Keef was still nursing wounds where his dad had slipped and caught his skin; the doctors at the hospital not looking overly convinced with the story they had told of him falling from the roof with the damned thing going, but had patched Keef up anyways and sent them on their way. Luckily all the wounds being superficial and not needing too much care.

Max couldn’t help but think this was Keef’s karma for bungling the whole thing up but felt sorry for his best friend. Not only had he screwed up his chance to prove himself, he had got hurt to boot and Max hadn’t wanted that to happen.

They had managed to get the van back to its owner with minimal damage; quite surprising seeing how fast Max had driven it back off that country lane. The whole things shook and bounced with each bump in the road and when the digger tipped Keef was lucky the whole thing didn’t slide right out the open rear shutter; saved only by the raised tail lift.

Luckily for them the van was due into the garage for new decals the next day, the only thing Keef had managed to get right on the whole job.

“Never again eh Keef?”

“Never again for sure Max!”

‘until the next time!’ Thought the pair together.

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