Flight 200.

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Found at last.

Photo by Blair Fraser on Unsplash

On the 22nd of March, at 2.15pm, flight 200 was eventually found.

Its once opulent fuselage a mere shell of its former glory, no visual sign as to why the plane came down, and why here; in the middle of the desert of death.

The team cautiously approached; such were the tales of beasts that lurked in these parts and entered the body through a now rotted hole in the plane’s underside.

The team noted the missing wings as they entered, they looked to have been scavenged; taken off rather than torn off in the crash, further entrenching the teams need for caution. The desert of death was no place to trifle with.

One by one the team entered the plane. Eight in total went in, leaving the crew with the camels as they entered.

After an hour the crew grew restless and sent in a boy to see what it was that was taking so long; he never came out. None ever returned that followed the original crew in and to this very day, some 400 years later, no one has ever found out why.

Nowadays the area is cordoned off, only those with top level clearance and science teams may enter.

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