Heather Pink.

Putting My Feet in the Dirt, July 2019 Writing Prompts – Heather pink

Heather Pink was a funny little thing,

Her hair was all wiry and she was very thin.

Her mamma and her pappy where never there,

No one around her to love her or to care.

She sat by her self in the school yard all day,

No one ever wanted to have her to play.

She was the little loner that no one wanted near,

No friends for little Heather Pink, No my dear.

Till one day she grew up tall and fair ,

No more wiry, smelly, dirty hair.

Then everyone wanted her as a friend,

By then all too late, she was nearing her end.

A lifetime of bullying has taken its toll,

And little heather Pink will never get old.

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  1. I’m sorry if I’m bothering you. I often feel like I’m talking too much. And I know you like your space.


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