Truths and Facts.

Fandango’s Provocative Question #30. 8/7/19.

Today’s question courtesy of Fandango is:-

Comedian Stephen Colbert coined the word “truthiness” a dozen or so years ago. Truthiness, Colbert explains, is the quality of seeming to be true based upon one’s intuition, opinion, or perception without regard to logic or factual evidence. It’s similar to when Comedian Bill Maher says, “I don’t know it for a fact; I just know it’s true.” These describe a situation when someone feels, believes, or wishes that something is true even when it is not supported by the facts.

American novelist William Faulkner said, “Facts and truth really don’t have much to do with each other.”

So, to today’s question:

With everything that’s going on these days about what truth is and what facts are, do you believe truth and facts are synonymous, or do you concur with Faulkner that they have nothing to do with each other? And most important, does it even matter anymore?

My Response.

What is Truth?

It is my opinion that the truth is purely a point of perception. Each and every one of us has a different perception of a situation to the next person; so how can two people ever truly perceive the truth to be the same? Is the truth a generalised theme that all can get behind or are the details important too?

What is fact?

In my opinion these are as fluid as truths. Facts are recorded by victors and people with agendas; and are often revised and amended along the way. Facts are changed when new facts are added and each of these facts has been perceived to be a truth at some stage.

How can we trust either?

How can we trust a fact or a truth to be true? If we know that perception skews the reality of a situation, how can we ever trust our judgement? The reality perhaps, is one where no-one believes fact or truths any longer and instead chooses to listen to their own beliefs, often made up of a combination of fact and truths; discarding one or the other to suit their own agendas.

Are truth and fact the same and does it matter?

Truths and facts are a construct, in that way they are the same but does it matter? People pick and chose which facts or truths apply to them at the time that best suits their situation. It only matters when they pick the wrong one.

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  1. An interesting perspective. I tend to agree with you about truth. It’s perception and interpretation. But I think facts are stubborn and most of the time they are what they are. Some may dismiss them or present “alternative facts,” but they don’t know what the fact they’re talking about. Facts exist in reality, whereas truths are usually the things that one believes to be true.

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