LillBlu’s A to Z challenge, YOUR DAILY WORD PROMPT & Word of the Day Challenge. 8/7/19. BEHOLD & BUCOLIC.

Have you ever wanted or needed help badly but not been able to get it?

How do you cope on your own when all you’re screaming out for is some support but aren’t able to make anyone hear you or respond?

This is how I feel most of the time.

Perhaps my expectations are squewed. Maybe what Im expecting from people is beyond their abilities or time constraints but maybe, just maybe, the reality is no-one wants to help me!

In the last few years I have driven practically everyone away with my almost constant mental health episodes. Now there are so few left to call upon when I need to that I think everyone is overloaded; fed up with having to deal with me and fed up of my constant need for help and support.

So how do I do it? How do I ask for support from people who are already sick of me asking?

I cant go on like I have been doing; day in, day out, doing the same tasks and chores in circles but never actually completing anything or making anything better. I never see anything outside of these four walls because I’m constantly drowning in a sh!t-storm of housework and repair projects when all I really want is to behold some bucolic landscape somewhere and relax.

I need a miracle. I need HELP!

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2 thoughts on “H = HELP.

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  1. I can relate to your story. I experience that many times, too. We can’t expect everyone to be there for us. But then, we must continue helping others even if our acts are not reciprocated. Kindness is a virtue.
    The Catalyst

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