Shes gunna Blow!

Sunday Photo Fiction. 7/7/19.

“This ones all on you Max, I aint goin t’ prison over this.” Shouted Keef as they ran. “Why are we doing this anyways?”

“You know why, you over-sized idiot, the boss asked us to!” Panted Max as the pair shot off behind a parked car. “We’re being paid a lot of money for this, do you want to back out now?”

Keef looked at Max with a look of sheer horror. Max could quite easily boot Keef off this job if he liked and Keef knew this. The job only called for one guy but Max could never dream of not having him along; the pair so tightly bound at the hip, they never did anything apart.

They sat panting but after a few seconds it dawned on Max that nothing had happened. “Shouldn’t it av gone off by now Keef?” asked Max quizzically. “Should av, I think. Shouldn’t it?” Said Keef.

“You gone and f*£ked it up again Keef?” Scolded Max and Keef flamed. “Its not my fault if the fuse hasn’t gone off, Dad said they were all working ok!” Said Keef meekly.

“What have I told you about believing what your Dad says Keef; I always tell you to double check things before we start. Why do you never list…” Keef cut Max mid sentence, got up and strode off in the direction they had come from. “Keef No!” Shouted Max but He was already out of sight. “What if it goes off?” He said as he rose to his feet.

As Max started off in the same direction, he heard a door slam and then Keef appear, running. “Shes Gunna Blow! Run!”

Max had no time to even turn as the whole building ignited in a fireball of kerosine and blew both of them to the floor. “You bloody idiot Keef!” Shouted Max through ringing ears. “Lets get out of here, fast.”

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