LillBlu’s A to Z challenge.. 7/7/19

I love gardening. I love all things green and floral and I have high aspirations for my outside spaces. My health on the other hand likes indoors. It likes warm, comfortable sofas with my feet up and no bending.

This provides a quandary, especially when my garden currently looks like this!

In 2017 when I split from the husband I started trying to put back together what was left of the garden. His decline in mental health had given him some very fanciful ideas and turning the back yard BBQ into a forge was one of them. When he left I had just short of a tonne of scrap metal to have taken away; which is about the only task that has been managed due to busting my back in early 2018.

The garden has sat a waste-ground since, getting ever more stuff dumped into it as I clear the house of all the unnecessary junk accumulated over the years, so I can get about better. I wish I had access to money. I would love to be able to pay someone to come in and just clear the lot; strip it back to the bare bones so I can start over and have the outside space I and the children crave.

For now I’m stuck doing the odd tip run, as and when my back will allow. Lets hope I win the lotto tonight eh!

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