Phoenix Sand.

Putting My Feet in the Dirt Writing Prompt. 5/7/19.

We’re gunna die out here!

Why did I ever listen to you Keef?” Asked Max, getting ever more annoyed.

“You told me that you had all the maps sorted and you told me you had the right contacts.” He shouted again. “You told me you knew what you were doing!” Why do I ever believe you Keef?”

Keef just looked at Max and shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know buddy, Dad said these where the right ones, I didn’t think to check!”

Max snapped his head round, the veins on his forehead ready to burst their confinement and he screamed… “You Didn’t think to check! Dear god man, we’re coming out to the desert to rob a gold mine and you didn’t think to check we had the right maps!”

Max shook his head and turned his back on Keef. “We’re gunna die out here in this damned Arizona sun, on this damned Phoenix sand.” He whispered. “Why do I always trust the idiot?!”

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