The forest pt III.

Your Daily Wor Prompt & Word of the day challenge. 4/7/19. Inimical & volley.


The trees towered over Lillee and Dapple as they entered the forest’s edge. The temperature plummeted and the air grew stale. Dapple shied back, his instincts screaming at him to run but Lillee held him fast and stroked his mane until he calmed. The old horse knew his days were numbered and fear was setting in but like Lillee dapple was just as determined to fulfil his role in the coming events.

The forest knew they had arrived. She seethed and plotted as she waited for them to draw nearer to her lair. Tonight, would be the last night she would have to suffer this cursed forest, tomorrow she would claim the throne to Ernabeth for herself. For now, she would be content to allow her wraiths to have their fun, safe in the knowledge they could do no real harm, leaving the prize of the girl for her alone.

Dapple saw them first; a dancing of light and shade in the trees. an inimical, ephemeral power, not quite there but not quite not there either; and he was confused. He shook his mane and whinnied, trying to clear his head. Lillee saw them soon after and kicked the horse into a fast trot, whilst ducking to avoid the low branches. Stories of shadows that move at the edge of the woods were commonplace to her but seeing it in the flesh was something else.

More and more appeared as the light from the outside world swiftly left them. Lillee hauled on the reigns bringing dapple to a grinding halt. She chanted a volley of words as fast as she could and cast the only spell her racing mind would latch on to at the moment; a light orb spell. A dim ball of light grew in her hands as she raised them aloft and let it go; it hovers mere feet above her head. The light from it grew until you could no longer look at it but it barely penetrated the gloom for more than a few horse lengths; the ground at Dapples hooves barely more than a haze.

A twig snapped behind them and Dapple ran. He ran like he had never run before and Lillee feared for her life for the first time since she had broken him. He ran so fast that Lillee could do nothing more than lay flat, holding tightly to his neck and mane and hope to not fall off. Her mind flashed back to his earlier days of the saddle and she remembered how afraid he was then too and knew he would only stop once he was exhausted.

Little did either of them know that this was pure design by the Forest, she was herding them right towards her den. Right into her trap.

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